About Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Originally established as Italy’s first business school in 1868, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is now a multidisciplinary institution offering a wide range of study programs in economics and management, modern languages, the humanities and the sciences.

Ca’ Foscari is ranked third in Italy for the excellence of its research, and it has earned so many of the coveted European Commission Marie Curie research fellowships that it is one of Europe’s ten most successful universities in this regard. Globally, the QS world university rankings place Ca’ Foscari among the world’s top 150 universities for Modern Languages, the top 200 for History, and the top 250 for the study of Economics & Econometrics.

Ca’ Foscari is located in the awe-inspiring city of Venice. With canals and boats instead of streets and cars, this city’s truly singular historic center has been a vibrant place of cultural and economic exchange for over a millennium, and the beauty of its art and architecture has made it a UNESCO World Heritage site. Thanks to the stimulating cultural legacy of its dynamic cosmopolitan context, Ca’ Foscari is characterized by the synergetic intersection of tradition and intellectual innovation, offering its students and professors the uniquely rewarding opportunity to learn and work in one of the world’s most remarkable cities.

Ca’ Foscari has approximately 21,000 students and hosts over 1,300 international students each year. In the firm belief that higher education and cutting-edge research must be innovative and international, the university has forged an extensive academic network of partner universities spanning the globe, allowing it to offer a variety of joint and double bachelor’s and master’s degrees and over 700 active exchange agreements with institutions all over the world. Ca’ Foscari also prepares its students for the competitive global workplace and fosters an international, inclusive academic community by offering study programs taught in English at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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"A very reputable university in Italy, always involved in researches and high quality projects. Usually venue of many international conferences and summer schools. I studied Business and Finance, and at the same time attended the language school to learn Italian. That was an unforgettable experience. The infrastructure and the libraries are top quality. I also loved the literature and all the materials they used at the courses. The city itself is splendid."

Rosa Mikeliani // Ca' Foscari's Alumnus from Georgia

Key Facts

At the Heart of Venice

A place like no other, where the past meets the innovation and where inspiration can be found everywhere. Living in Venice means being exposed to stimulating teaching and research while being immersed in a world of stunning art and architecture.

Accessible to All

Ca’ Foscari tuition fees are remarkably low. This is a result of both heavy subisidising by the
Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, which covers approximately 70% of the actual cost, and Ca’ Foscari’s belief in the need to make university affordable to all. The most you as an international student will pay for your studies is virtually the same as – or in some cases, less than – an Italian student pays. In addition, Ca’ Foscari offers a variety of forms of financial aid, including scholarships, exemption from and reduction of fees, student loans and awards for outstanding theses.

Open to the World

The university has a remarkable range of degree programmes taught entirely in English and a vast worldwide network of over 500 university partners. The university has established dozens of double and joint degree programmes with prestigious partner universities in a host of different countries and has over 700 exchange agreements in place, giving those who study and work at Ca’ Foscari the chance to learn and grow in virtually every corner of the world.